Apprenticeships Make Success Stories


Meet Jonathan, he is one of our top performing technicians and he started his time at Mr. Electric as an apprentice. Right out of high school, Jonathan went to Vatterott College and completed their 18-month Electrical Technology program. After getting his certificate, he began working for an independent contractor as an electrical team leader and racked up two years of field experience doing jobs big and small.


Then, Jonathan decided it was time for a change and came to Mr. Electric. It was clear he was skilled and showed much potential. He was hired as an apprentice and spent two months riding with our technicians to service calls and becoming a better electrician. "Being an apprentice definitely helped me refine my skills. Everyone has their own way of doing things and watching different technicians helps you figure out what works best for you." After two months as an apprentice, Jonathan was promoted to technician and has been a perfect example of a "Mister" every since. Call us today to follow in Jonathan's footsteps!

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You can either call us or submit an application here to begin your career. A few things we will need you to have are:

  • A valid Ohio Driver's License
  • A clean driving record
  • Ability to pass a pre-employment drug test
  • Willing to let Mr. Electric run a background check

You will be go through a pre-screening process, usually just a short phone call to gather information about your experience and hopefully answer any questions yo may have. From here, you will be set up on a interview with a manager to to discuss your personal journey as an electrician.


Becoming an apprentice with Mr. Electric requires some background experience, but not much! If any of the following situations apply to you, then you may qualify for our apprentice program:

  • Trade schooling with limited field experience
  • Grew up with family in the trade, worked part time over summers or in lieu of school
  • 1-2 years of residential service electric experience and may just need minimal instruction

Even if these may not be your exact experience, that's OK! Applicants must at least have basic electrical knowledge. From there, we can help.


Once you have taken the first two steps, the only thing left is to get hired and get on the road!


We have many very experienced electricians that are ready and willing to help you learn new skills, give you pointers and show you how to be a superior customer service professional. Becoming a Mister is more than just electrical must value honesty and have a the desire to treat customers with the same respect you would expect for your own family.


If you think it is time to stop working jobs and start building a career, then it is time for you to contact us!


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